So many of you may recall seeing photos of these two back in December. I had just gone to a workshop in Orlando who had a guest speaker that spoke to my heart. His name is Jove Meyer, a gay wedding planner in NYC. Some of the things he said really stuck with me - “It’s not a gay marriage. It’s not a same-sex marriage. IT’S A MARRIAGE” The gender of the two people getting married does not define the meaning behind a marriage. Then I started doing some deep thinking.. the language I was using in my contract, my website, my social media… it all had the words BRIDE + GROOM alllll over it. I was putting myself out there like I wasn’t equality minded and I didn’t even realize it! SO, I had only shot one lesbian engagement session at that point - I knew I needed to reach out to a same sex couple to have more variety in my portfolio and Kaleigh + Marissa were overjoyed when I asked them. About a week prior to our scheduled session, Marissa proposed to Kaleigh. The images we captured were gorgeous + I just couldn’t help but to take some photos of Kaleigh’s stunning ring - BUT, that was not their official engagement session.

Shortly after, I got the call that had felt like they could be themselves with me and wanted me to be their wedding photographer (AWWW!) and I gladly accepted - I have so much love for these ladies! SO. Here it is. 6 months later - their official engagement session ;) Enjoy!