Engagement sessions are a fantastic way to get all those ‘in-front of the camera’ jitters out of the way. It’s your chance to get to know me, get comfortable in my presence and in front of my camera before the big day. Its obviously a wonderful way for me to get to know you, too - all pressure aside. At this point, I’ve probably only met with the two of once before this point, and while I consider myself receptive and observant, I don’t really know the dynamic of your relationship just yet. This is the biggest reason I include engagement sessions in each of my packages - I want to be familiar with you both so when the wedding day comes, I know exactly how to shoot your wedding to do it justice. We’ll tell jokes, play music.. and just, well, HANG!

It’s super important to me to have my couples feeling their very best before going into our session together + that means being prepared so you can get the very most out of your session. I want you to walk away not only loving the photos we captured together, but also thinking back on how much FUN we had taking them! Soooo to best prepare you, I have complied a few tips, tricks, + helpful info below. As always, if there’s something I haven’t covered that you’re curious about - ASK AWAY! :)



    This session is all about YOU - wear outfits that express your personality! Most couples bring an outfit change - two casual outfits, one casual and one dressier - whichever you’d like! My best advice is to coordinate, not match. Solid, neutral colors are the easiest to coordinate. Stay away from clothing with logos. Patterns such as stripes or floral are okay, just make sure it isn’t too overpowering with the rest of the outfits. Sweaters, jackets, cardigans are great to break up solids and to give a little bit more depth! Keep accessories to a minimum - but a few extras are always good to have on hand to quickly change up a look!

    Checkout the Pinterest board I put together for a visual of some good options.


There will be a few ring shots involved in your session so having a fresh manicure is a must! If you don’t normally get your nails done professionally, no worries. Just make sure they are clean and maybe consider adding a clear coat to add some shine.



    Besides an outfit change, there a few things you might want to consider grabbing:

    Comfortable Shoes- If you're planning on wearing heels, wedges, or any footwear that could be hard to walk/hike in, pack a pair of comfortable shoes so that you can change between spots.

    Lipstick//Make Up Touch Ups- You can plan on a fair amount kissing & snuggling so I always recommend bringing along some makeup to touch up in case you you need to.

    Flask- Sometimes you just need a little liquid courage! It's kind of amazing what a difference taking a quick swig of alcohol before an engagement session can do for the nerves!

    Jacket//Cardigan- Even if it's not a super chilly day, engagement sessions usually end right at dusk right as the sun goes down and a majority of the time, there's usually a 10 minute walk back to the car and without the sun it can get a little brisk.


    You know your partner better than anyone else. If they aren’t thrilled about being in front of the camera, make sure you are both on the same page about what you are comfortable with taking + hope to take. If you are looking for less romantic or intimate imagery, please let me know before your session! I use a lot of prompts with my couples to get your interacting, laughing, + engaging in emotion. This might come as a surprise to your partner if they are expecting to look at the camera and smile, so make sure they are aware we are going for un-posed, fun-natured portraits.



I like to tell my couples to think of their session less as a session, and more as an opportunity to spend time together. Follow the session up with some dinner and drinks + make a fun date out of it! I understand this can be awkward + weird getting all lovey dovey in front of the camera - just remember I do not expect you to be models. My goal is to get you interacting during your session so that I can accurately capture the authentic connection between the two of you - those sweet expressions + emotions that make your relationship what it is! In order to do this, its important for you not to be overthinking your hair placement, or stressing about xyz.. Focusing on each other and having that “date night” mentality, really helps keep the pressure off.