“I knew he was the one the moment he first kissed me. He held my face in his hand and I never felt more loved than that exact moment.” -Caitlin

I met Caitlin + Alec at Stella’s Lounge (where they first met!) to start off their engagement session. They bought me a burger (Thanks again, guys. SO GOOD.) + we sat and chat about their relationship, Caitlin’s love for pineapples, and their funny story about how they met on the dance floor and moments later someone threw a stink bomb. (Alec swore it wasn’t him - HAHA!) We then just ventured around the Heartside area. Being with these guys is so easy. It’s like I’ve known them for years! They both are goofy, fun-loving, free-spirited kind of people (and that’s likely why we get along so great!) ;)