You know the saying, "Distance means so little when someone means so much" ? 

Well, Ash + Logan know distance. Ash lives in Canada, while Logan is from Indiana but is stationed in Virginia. I have to say, I admire them a lot. It's not easy being in love with someone that you can't see every day. Or every week. Or even even month. But they manage to do it and that shows some really incredible strength.

We had scheduled our session for early in the morning as they had a drive back to Canada later that day. I showed up a bit early to scout out some locations because I had only shot at this location once before (in the winter - when everything was covered in snow - still pretty but UGH! The cliffs here were GORGE!!) Anyway.. I got lost. Like, really lost. I ended up running through the trails so that I could be back to the parking lot to meet them on time. Annnnnd the only got me more lost. It finally clicked to me that there was likely a map online that I could look up - and indeed, there was. And indeed, I survived LOL But it made for a funny story.

I really don’t think we could’ve gotten along any better than we did - so many belly laughs and good conversation. I can’t wait to celebrate with these two on their wedding day in August!