Also my kinda people... ones that aren't afraid of double chins when they belly laugh or their ugly cry during wedding vows. People who are okay with dancing in the rain, or getting their feet dirty.


All I really want is to photograph people who are obsessed with what I do and trust the process it takes to get there. I am not just someone to show up, push a few buttons, deliver the final product and never hear from again. I want to be your friend, cheerleader, drink-getter and the girl screaming 'YAAASSS! YAAASSS!' cause I'm so excited about the images we're creating together. The photographer is the vendor you spend most of your big day with - you're spending thousands of dollars - you deserve someone who is going to be there for you in the way you need! 

If my vibes speak to you, let a girl know!


  • I am a mom to two girls. (Three if you count my fur baby, Marley) Vaida who is 9 and Quinn who is 5. They keep me busy.

  • I dream of owning a tiny house one day.

  • I’m addicted to the dollar section at Target.

  • True crime TV shows + podcasts are my jam. The forensics are really what interest me. I think if I wasn’t a photographer, that’s the field I would be in.

  • Craft beer and cider are my drinks of choice. I love a good IPA + dry cider… mmm!

  • I live for adrenaline. I’ll be the first one on a roller coaster, rip cord… you name it. If it gets my heart pumping, I’m game.

  • I enjoy watching the Detroit Lions (even when they suck. which is like, always. TRUE FAN RIGHT HERE.)

  • My mom adopted 2 kittens a couple years ago and gave one of them to me. I named her Marley after Bob Marley. A year later, my mom gave me her adoption papers which read her birth date. 4/20. Yep, I’ve got a stoner cat.

  • In High School, I was voted “Most likely to be late” and I honestly have no idea where that came from because I am (usually) ALWAYS on time. 11 years later and that still baffles me.

  • I would really love to travel more. I have never been out of the country and that makes me real sad. My top destinations to travel to are New Zealand, Australia (Great Barrier Reef!), and the Dominican Republic.

  • I ate cheese for the first time as a 21 year old adult. (Dead serious.) I thought it was the nastiest thing in the world.

  • Two desserts I will never say no to: Cannoli’s + fresh, gooey brownies.

  • I failed my drivers test 3 times because I couldn’t parallel park to save my life. Living downtown for the past 8 years, I am proud to say I am a PRO now!